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Heat Pumps for Single Family Homes, Wash Rooms, District Heating
Heat Pumps
Heat pumps for single family homes, laundry rooms, district heating For ecological heating
Heat Pumps
Technical Data

We offer standard and customer-specific heat pump solutions for all power requirements. Our units for single family homes combine heating of water for domestic use and for space heating. We offer special heat pump units for district heating systems.
Our heat pump solutions are reliable and efficient - for a continuous enjoyment of your contribution to a cleaner environment.
Standard heat pump unit for single family homes Standard Heat Pump for Single Family Homes
Our product is specially designed to produce domestic hot water and heating water in a single unit. The compact, electrically powered water/air unit can easily be installed in a standard basement window. The unit provides 9 kW at (A2/W35).
Validated in the heat pump test center "Töss" www.wpz.ch
For technical data and installation drawings follow this link.
Standard air/water heat pump unit for laundry rooms Heat Pumps for Laundry Rooms
This standard air/water heat pump takes advantage of the excess heat in laundry rooms while it dehumidifies it. The unit has a heating power of 5 kW at (A2/W35).

Technical and sales information of this unit through Gössi AG.
Heat pumps for district heating system Heat Pumps for District Heating Systems
We build custom-specific solutions taylored to your requirements - like the dual-module electically powered heat pump shown on the left. This example uses geothermal water of 60 C as the primary heat source and transforms it to 70 C. It provides a heating power of 2 x 1.4 MW with an electrical power of 2 x 295 kW. The cooling agent is R134A.
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