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Schindler AG refrigeration and energy management is a medium-sized, extremely flexible company operating mainly in Switzerland and southern Germany. Schindler AG was founded in 1969 by Paul Schindler in Münchenstein, where the business still has its headquarters to this day. Since 1989 the company, which specialises in refrigeration systems and heat pumps, has been housed in a new and modern building at Grabenackerstrasse 8b. These days, the business employs a workforce of over 50 people.

Schindler AG is known for its reliability and its extensive expertise, gained from many years of experience.

Thanks to the 24 hour/day on-call service, Schindler AG's professionals will always be there for you in an emergency.
24-hour Service Number: 061 411 57 23


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Our Mission Statement


  • Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our activities.
  • We aim to use our flat management structure to promote our employees' sense of personal responsibility. We are committed to the use of short, simple, quick decision making paths.
  • We are a creative business, able to install unconventional refrigeration, climate control and energy plant.
  • By offering high quality products and services, we aim to achieve a profit that will secure both the continued existence and the future development of the business for the benefit of the workforce and the capital investor.
  • We promote regional collaboration.
  • We promote personal responsibility as well as entrepreneurial ideas and activities.
  • We care about the environment. That is why we try to make a contribution through our own development activities in new and environmentally sensitive system concepts.
  • We regard ourselves as trailblazers and guides to the future in refrigeration system construction and the environment. We use innovative consultancy, advanced engineering, broad-based expertise and professional project management to install technology and infrastructure projects that point the way to the future.