Standard or customer specific - we do it all

We supply cooling systems and heat pumps for industrial, commercial and household applications. Our systems are recognised for their high level of energy efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness. We supply solutions designed and planned specifically to meet your needs, as well as plant based on standard elements.

The refrigeration systems and heat pumps meet the requirements of Switzerland's Ordinance on Chemical Risk Reduction (ChemRRV) and/or Ordinance on Environmentally Hazardous Substances (the "StoV über umweltgefährdende Stoffe"), and the Ordinance on Pressure Equipment (DGVO, SN EN 378).


Refrigeration systems


For process cooling, air conditioning and commercial cooling within the chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, mechanical engineering and food processing sectors; we would be pleased to advise you on standard or special designs in all temperature ranges, with heat recovery if required .

Climate control equipment

For use in offices, homes and wine cellars, in various output clcsses. Our Climate control equipment solutions are based on tried and tested standard components.

  • Mobile, plug-in room climate control appliances
  • Climate control appliances in compact or split designs


Refrigerator and freezer cabinets for bakeries, pastry shops, butchers, dairies, delicatessens and supermarkets, including a variety of designs and colours to suit your requirements.

  • Plug-in cabinets and cupboards for chilled and frozen foods
  • Stepped glass cabinets
  • Shock freezer

Chiller cabinets

Chiller cabinets, freezer cabinets and climate control systems in modular systems, for any dimensions as required, for use in the food production and distribution, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors etc.

  • Chiller cabinets and freezer cabinets
  • Climate controlled chambers
  • Catafalques

Ice machines

Plug-in ice machines for restaurants, hospital, laboratories and food manufacturers, in various output classes.

  • Ice for drinks
  • Presentation ice
  • Laboratory ice

Heat pumps

Use the energy available for free in the environment for environmentally-sound, low-cost heat at home. We supply efficient solutions for new build and renovation projects.

  • Standard appliances to heat detached houses
  • Dehumidifiers and waste heat use
  • Large-scale systems for use in district heating applications 

Find more information about heat pumps and the technical data and PDF brochures for the SWP7000LW standard heat pump here.